Developing a Game Leader Board using Spring Boot + Redis in AWS Cloud

The Game Leader Board Deployment Architecture

Step 1

public class GameLeaderBoardService {

private RedisTemplate<String, String> redisTemplate;

@Resource(name = "redisTemplate")
private ZSetOperations<String, String> zSetOperations;

public List<Gamer> add(Gamer gamer) {
zSetOperations.add("leaderboard", gamer.getName(), gamer.getRank());

return zSetOperations.rangeWithScores("leaderboard" ,0,10)
.stream().map(e -> new Gamer(e.getValue(), e.getScore()))

public void deleteAll() {
public class GameLeaderBoardController {

private GameLeaderBoardService gameLeaderBoardService;

public List<Gamer> add(@RequestBody Gamer gamer) {
return gameLeaderBoardService.add(gamer);

public void deleteAll() {


Step 2

Creating an ElastiCache Redis instance

Step 3

yum update -y
sudo yum install -y java-1.8.0-openjdk
sudo java -Dserver.port=80<ELASTIC_CACHE_REDIS_HOST> -jar spring-boot-redis-0.0.3.jar
Launching EC2 Instances

Step 4

Creating Target Group
Registering EC2 Instances in Target Group
Target Group Provisioning EC2 Instances as healthy

Step 5

Creating Application Load Blancer

Step 6

Initial POST Request to Add to Leaderboard
Subsequent POST Requests to Modify the Leaderboard





Coder, Maker, Father

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Shazin Sadakath

Shazin Sadakath

Coder, Maker, Father

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